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            American Cultural Values

            American Cultural Values
            Where do we find our worth

            ? American’s are always doing something ? Some phrases that can be use to describe us would be
            ? “always on the run” ? “on the move” ? “on the go”

            ? We rarely take time to rest and time for ourselves
            ? Especially during the week

            ? The biggest reason we are always going is not just to be moving or going, but usually to reach a goal!!!

            Action= Reaching a Goal
            ? Americans believe
            ? We control your life, we have the right to choose and the right to set our goals for our lives.

            ? It is common to see parents set the goals for their children
            ? but many times the children will set their own goals and follow those goals not their parents

            ? We are responsible for setting our own direction in the world
            ? No one else can set our Goals for us

            ? Both action and the decision to act rest with the individual ? Many Americans will reach out to an expert
            ? but in the end it is there decision no one can make it for them

            ? What you do regularly to have a purpose and make money ? Whether you like it or not ? Is a serious part of your life ? Has a purpose and an outcome ? Man is suppose to get ahead and make contributions to society ? High discipline and has a tightly arranged schedule

            ? It is fun ? An outlet from work ? Many people play to have energy to go back to work ? No serious purpose or outcome ? No time scheduled or rushing ? Must be put aside when it is time to work

            All work and no play!!! Work and play should not be mixed!!!

            The culture of work is starting to make a big shift

            Time and Money
            ? American time is exact
            ? People are punctual ? Activities are scheduled ? Time is set for most activities

            ? Time is Money ? Time can be turned into profit
            ? If something is done faster then they planned they will usually do more to earn more

            ? Usually in America you will see the minimum amount of time used to produce the maximum quantity of goods.
            ? “The Faster the Better”

            ? Everything works on a time table
            ? Because time is money

            ? Americans schedule just about everything
            ? Usually seen with a planner/ datebook

            ? We schedule our activities knowingly and unknowingly around a timetable
            ? “So much to do so little time!”

            ? In America time is working towards the future ? We look more to the future then to the past
            ? This future must be with in the reach of the individual ? This is were we will place our goals/ were we can reach them

            ? We do not waste time ? So many fast food places/ drive through…how fast can we get it

            Motivations and Measurable Achievements
            ? Americans like to take action ? Every action has a motivation ? Americans lay a great importance on the motivation behind the action
            ? It is the thought that counts

            ? Great motivation= great performance ? People excel because they are well motivated as well as they fail because they lack motivation ? Motivation leads to Actions and Action leads to Achievements

            Motivation is the Key to SUCCESS!!!

            ? Achievements must be visual
            ? Someone must be able to see the achievement in order for it to count

            ? So were does motivation come from in the American culture to achieve their success? ? Americans have a need to prove themselves
            ? To “make a name for themselves”

            ? We find our identity though SUCCESS ? This is both good and bad…. However, many Americans find their ? We want people to be value in their Success… motivated to succeed, but sometimes we have “risk takers” who want to achieve but lose site of the main issue
            ? Weight loss

            Effort and Optimism
            ? Many Americans find their Value in their Success ? The reward of effort is success ? What you put in is what you get out
            ? Ex. When you do bad in school or work

            ? Americans believe success must be achieve ? A person must use their efforts to achieve success
            ? It is not inherited

            ? Success is measured by results ? Successful men
            ? Tackle problems ? Do something about the problem Being Optimistic is always thinking of the best thing is the worst of situations.

            ? It indicates a culture in which
            ? Effort is rewarded ? Competition enforced ? Merit and personal achievement recognized

            Man V.S. Nature
            ? Americans unlike other cultures use the earth/ world for natural resources ? We make the environment work for us ? Americans want to conquer nature
            ? Most cultures want to be one with nature ? We want to be in charge of it

            ? We would rather have the space then nature so we will often destroy it ? We want nature to look a certain way so we will use chemicals
            ? To make them prettier ? Bigger ? To get ride of the insects

            ? Things are just starting to change
            ? More rules so that we can keep the earth healthy and clean

            Individualism and Equality
            ? These are often stated as the most marked characteristic of American society
            ? We strive to be our own person and make our own decisions, but we still want to fit in as well

            With equality a business can not heir base on looks: Height or Beauty

            ? We teach children how to be themselves and what is special about them ? We also teach them about teamwork, being fair and how everyone should be treated equally/ the same way ? There is a weird balance between the two in our culture ? We strive to be different and yet strive to fit in



            Americans are:
            ? Self-reliant ? Do not rely on anyone ? Self- dependent ? Individual ? Control their own lives ? Responsible for what they do ? Our individuality has helped our country to develop rapidly ? The next person wants to do better then the last

            Americans are:
            ? Selfish ? Self-centered ? Many times they will hurt their ? Peers ? Family ? Those around them ? If a person becomes to controlled of his own life and cares of no ones else we have issues like the poor, homeless and orphans

            ? Americans try to be careful what groups they get involved with
            ? No obligation to join ? Many people are very giving so they will feel obligated to do everything

            ? “Going Dutch”
            ? Pay for yourself ? Going out with someone we may feel obligated to pay for the other person. Especially if we invite them ? But you do not need to feel that way


            Gift giving
            ? When going to a party such as birthday, wedding or some type of shower (baby shower) you must bring a gift

            ? If someone gives us a gift we feel obligated to give one back ? Authority
            ? Americans have an obligation to respect authority
            Police Fireman Military Government

            ? Americans as a whole compared to other cultures will confront someone with an issue or problem ? Many Americans want to get to the source of it ? Helps to afford conflict and gets the needs taken care of ? Some people are much stronger on this aspect then others
            ? Some Americans avoid conflict ? Spectrum

            ? While Americans may take face-toface confrontation for granted, foreigners often find this directness in communication harsh and even destroys relationships
            ? True and not true

            Informality, Formality and Friendship
            ? We are more informal in culture then formal ? Eye contact
            ? Not formal just casual same for all

            ? Greetings (informal)
            ? Usually 1st time to an elder or someone higher/ more powerful then us more formal ? Wait for them to let us know what to call them

            ? Address most people by their first names (informal)
            ? Unless you are a child

            ? We will usually have friends at work and other places
            ? In the work place we have relationships with those in our rank

            ? Treat most people like friends

            Materials and Humanitarianism
            ? Because we see our value in our success what we own has a lot to do with our value ? Many Americans show their success in what they have
            ? Big house ? Nice car ? iPhone

            ? Do not share income with others
            ? Many people can hide failure

            ? Americans like comfort
            ? Very picky

            ? A person’s giving also shows their value
            ? People want to look like givers

            ? Because of this pressure to show they can give many people also give to others
            ? Helps with supporting others in our community ? An interesting balance

            ? Americans are known for our generosity

            ? America has many organizations that help our country as well as many other countries ? Giving is part of our core values ? Many Americans have a sympathetic heart
            ? When something bad happens they want to help

            ? ? ? ?

            Poor countries Children without families Victims of war Victims of a natural disaster

            Competition and Desire for Success
            ? Success is one of the reasons we do what we do ? We find our value in success ? America is a country in which competition is the rule
            ? In order to have success you have to beat the competition

            ? Since individualism is one of the core values in the American culture, free competition opens doors for them to develop their individuality ? Explains why life is so fast pace in America
            ? Everyone wants to get ahead of the competition

            ? Young is prime

            ? Most of our values relate to success ? Our conversations in America revolve around our future/ future successes ? In many ways the desire to succeed serves as a driving force for individuals to work hard, to make efforts, to acquire skills to be more competitive and to obtain more material goods to demonstrate the worth/ value of their lives

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