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            My view on American Constitution

            My view on American Constitution
            Not only did American Constitution, regarded by many people as the gift given to the Americans and finally approved of by all the 13 states in 1787, played a great role in American history, but played a very important role in the process of making Constitution in other countries all around the world. First of all, as is known, some religious reformation and philosophers, just like Tomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean –Jacque Rousseau, who had left a great effect on the formation of American Constitution. In addition, American Constitution was based on British Heritage, Colonial Heritage and Intellectual Heritage. North American took Common Law from Britain, from which the native American absorbed revolutionary forces when trapped in the struggle for independence, before the Independence of America. Above all, May flower Compact led the native American to acquire a spirit of industrial self-reliance for economic development. A weak national government, which didn’t have the right of collecting taxes according to the Articles of Confederation, was founded by the 13 colonies after the Independence of America. However, this government was so loose that it couldn’t carry out effective polity. In order to deal with that bad situation, the Articles of Confederation was agreed to revise by the Continental Congress, as a result of which the draft of a Constitution was ultimately written. In May 1787, 65 delegates from 12 of the 13 states except for Rhode Island went to Philadelphia’s Independence Hall to take part in the Constitutional Convention. After 16 weeks of deliberation, the new Constitution was finally formed, but there lied a lot of efforts to approve of the new Constitution thereafter in 1789. First of all, the Bill of Rights--the first ten amendments to the Constitution was sent to the states to gain their approval in 1791, and 27 amendments American Constitution had been approved of by then. Besides, there are three other representative amendments: amendment 21st(1933) , which repealed the Prohibition of alcoholic beverage ;amendment 26th(1971) , which provides that all citizens of 18 years or older have the right to vote; amendment 27th(1992), which ruled that no law shall take effect on the compensation of house service or compensation of service. There lie 5 principles at the heart of that living Constitution, and they are rule of law, republicanism, separation of powers, check and balance system and national supremacy. There lie 3 branches of the government according to the constitution. Just take checks-and-balances in the three branches for example, the president, which is known as the Executive Branch, is head of army, who can propose and veto legislation and execute laws, passed by Congress, which is known as the Legislative Branch. What’s more, Congress is responsible for writing national laws, printing money, enacting budgets and levying taxes. Above all, The US Supreme Court, which is known as the Judicial Branch, has the right to interpret the Constitution and determine whether the acts of the President and the

            Congress are constitutional. In my opinion, American Constitution is the basic laws of the United States, which is regarded as the legal basis of the American political system. Moreover, it is the world's first written constitution, which provides a model of success in the formulation of written constitution in many other countries. 10 级商英 二班 周可可 1015102032