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            Besides "American" characteristics-individualism, self-relia

            Besides "American" characteristics-individualism, self-reliance, informality, punctuality and directness, there are also some "national traits" could also be identified.
            I. Some of the national traits:
            1) Being friendly. There are all kinds of friendships for Americans, such as .
            2) Having many questions. Some of American’s questions are .
            3) Internationally naive. Many Americans are not very knowledgeable about international geography or world
            4) Be nervous about silence. Talking about is always a good way to break silence in a conversation.
            5) Open and eager to
            II. Cultural rules that make Americans more comfortable with you:
            1) Queuing up.
            2) Blow their noses into a tissue. It’s considered to be rude to spit, clear phlegm or
            3) Avoid to slurp, chew noisily or open your mouth while chewing.
            4) Never asking questions about a person’s age, financial affairs, cost of clothing or personal belongings, or sex life.
            5) It’s not common for men to hold hands or link in public with other men.
            III. Some tips on personal safety:
            1) Do not walk alone at night.
            2) When you leave your room, apartment, or automobile, make sure that all doors are locked and all windows are
            3) Do not carry too much cash or wear jewelry of great value.
            4) Never accept a ride from a stranger.
            5) Be careful of purses and wallets, especially in crowded
            6) Avoid resisting the robbers unnecessarily.