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            My View on American TV Dramas

            My View on American TV Dramas

            Nowadays,as the economy gets globalized, English has become a more common language of the world. There is tendency for the youth to watch American TV dramas to learn Engligh. Of course, just as a coin has two sides, a lot of people think that watching TV can do more harm than good, I don't agree with their points of view,I believe it do much more good.

            Watching American TV dramas, let us not only understand the Anglophone countries culture, traditions, and their sense of fashion. We can also practice oral English, to learn something that we can’t get in class and improving our pronunciation. American TV dramas show young people’s fashion ideas. A lot of audiences watching dramas are teenagers, they have a greater memory and stronger imitation capability. Because of Friends, I am getting familiar with American TV dramas. I know much American Slang, custom, humour and their daily life. The newly well-known is Homeland, it presents Americanism, national security after the 911.

            Watching American TV dramas can enhance our sense of language. While enjoying some incredible stories, we can also learn some English expressions and practice listening. But some people don’t think so. They think it has nothing to do with learning, but wasting time. As far as I am concerned, I prefer my opinion. Instead of learning English word by word hidebound, I would rather master it through an interesting way. In addition, we will get a different recognition to foreign cultures. In sum, watching American TV dramas is the key to having a good command of English.