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            A letter to an American friend about Kony 2012

            A letter to an American friend about Kony2012

            Dear friend, My name is Wangshouyang, 20 years old ,studying in Minzu University of China. I’m very glad to talk to you in such a way on the topic of Kony2012. I remember that the first time I watch the video was in my English class , our English teacher showed us. And it was very impressive. All of us had sympathy for the children in the disaster and had a strong feeling of hunting for Kony then kill him one hundred times. The purpose of the video is very clear: to make Kony a homehold name in order to hunt for him and stop him from making more crimes. And now the goal is achieved, Kony is very well-known throughout the world. But I still doubt that if there are other motives that they are not putting into the open. As far as I’m concerned, Kony’s army is no longer active in Uganda, he has disappeared for 6 years. Besides, it is reported that the resources in Uganda are very abundant. Therefore, many people suspect that America is in the name of justice just to invade Uganda. I am concerning that Uganda would become

            an next Irap. The above is my opinion, and what about yours? I really want to know your opinions and hope that you share your information with me. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Yours, sincerely