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            2012 2012 高考英语 120 个考纲重 点单词拼写强化 拼写强化
            1. Next year I will go on with my studies a____ , not at home. 2. She is a famous a____ . We can see her in films. 3. He a____ breaking the window after his father beat him black and blue. 4. The shirt is too expensive . I can’t a____ it. 5. They a_____ the matter over for years, but couldn’t agree with each other. 6. He was a____ that he had lied to his mother and made an apology to her. 7. They gave him a warm welcome upon his a____ to their university. 8. The taller players have a____ in a game of basketball. 9. They made a dashing a____ on the enemy and defeated them. 10. She a____ to go on with her work in the house, but she could not. 11. The a____ temperature is higher this year than last year, although it has been lower for a few months. 12. When you go on a journey , don’t forget to bring your b_____. 13. In some shops you can b_____ and pay a lower price. 洗澡), 14. The boy _____ (洗澡 dressed and 洗澡 went downstairs for lunch. 15. The Westerners like to lie on the b____ to have a sun-bath. 16. Give me a ______ ( 饼 干 ). I’m rather hungry. 17. The Great Wall of China a____ many visitors every year. 18. He b_____ her for making another mistake.

            19. Water is drawn from a well in b_____ . 20. You can buy meat at the b_____. 21. When she pressed the b_____, the lift stopped. 卷心菜) 22. Eating more _______(卷心菜 will 卷心菜 do you good. 23. Don’t make the _____ (地毯 dirty 地毯) 地毯 when you enter the room. 24. We have set up an office in the ______(中心 part of the city. 中心) 中心 25. He regretted having wasted too much time c____ after dinning . 26. He received a written c_____ from Mr. Porter for$5000. r 27. On Christmas Day, Tim was glad to receive a box of _____ ( 巧克 力). 28. He has a hobby of collecting _____ (香烟 box. 香烟) 香烟 29. In this poor village, there is no ____ (诊所). 诊所) 30. He gets on well with his _____ (同 同 伴). 31. After graduation , he worked in an oil _____ (公司 公司). 公司 32. It was a small place c_____ to what it is now. 33. He worked so carefully that his paper _____ (含有 含有)no mistakes at 含有 all. 34. I wondered whether he already knew the _____ ( 内 容 ) of my telegraph. 35. If it is ______ (方便 方便)for you, I will 方便 join you next Tuesday. 36. He is choosing a ring at the jewelry ______ (柜台 柜台). 柜台 37. There’s another box of salt in the _______ (橱柜 橱柜). 橱柜 38. The medicine will c_____ you of your cold. 39. The children sat on ______ ( 垫 子)on the floor.

            40. Social ______ ( 风 俗 )change greatly from country to country. 41. The store has more c_____ than it can take care of. 42. Many of the books were d_____ by fire. 43. The ground is d_____ after the rain. 44. The dishes taste d_____ and he is satisfied. 45. Letters are d______ by the postman every day in the town. 46. He gave a d ______ (描述 what 描述)of 描述 he had seen in the car accident . 47. Both nations d______ peace, but neither would give in. 48. Can we now ______ (决定 决定)the date 决定 for our party? 49. Without a good d_____ , there could be no excellent film. 50. A person must vote (投票 his or 投票)in 投票 her own _____ (区域). 区域) 扰乱) 51. He was ______ (扰乱 to hear of 扰乱 her illness. 52. People often go d_____ for shopping on the weekend. 53. He left his office with his ______ (抽屉 open. 抽屉) 抽屉 54. A _____ (快淹死 快淹死)man will grab at 快淹死 any straw. 55. He told us such a d_____ story that some of us went to sleep. 56. He is glad to be _____ (受雇) a 受雇) in bank. 57. Martin shook his head, but gave no ______ (解释 解释). 解释 58. The boiler e______ and many people were injured by the hot steam. 59. They _____ ( 开 发 )its rich resources in wheat and oil. 60. This is an e_____ (means “very”)serious case. 假的), 61. Her teeth are ______ (假的 ,but 假的

            they look very natural. 62. She had become _____ (熟悉 熟悉)with 熟悉 the house. 63. Before you go to bed, remember to _____ (栓住 栓住)the door. 栓住 64. The beast , when cornered, is one of the _____ ( 凶 猛 的 )of all animals. 65. She ______ (折)the paper into two 折 and put it away. 66. She couldn’t _____ ( 宽 恕 )so terrible an insult to her pride. 67. The concert takes place in a _____ (两周 time , that is to say on May 两周) 两周 15th. 68. He went to the big city and tried 运气) his _____ (运气). 69. The colored lights playing on the ______ (喷泉)were magnificent. 喷泉) 70. We put food in her r_____ to keep it cool in summer. 71. The eggs are _____ (油煎 油煎)in the 油煎 pan. 72. The room was small and had far 家具). too much _____ (家具 家具 73. They are building very large and modern _____ (机库 机库)for planes. 机库 74. He often tells his second g_____ not to forget the life in the past. 75. On the bus I always manage to 扫视)at _____ (扫视 the headlines in the 扫视 newspaper. 76. Woolen _____ (手套 手套)are warmest 手套 in winter. 77. He kicked the football towards the other team’s g_____. 78. The _____ (问候 问候)to all the guests 问候 took more than an hour.

            79. I want a g_____ , because I was a stranger here. 80. Before taking medicine, remember to read the i______ on the bottle. 81. Generally children between three and six go to k_____. 82. Mother is busy preparing dinner in the k____. 83. He works in a library as a l______. 84. After m______ , she changed her family name. 85. Mother went shopping ; ______ (同时 I cleaned the house. 同时) 同时 86. Our government is trying to reduce the difficulties between manually labour and m______ labour. 87. -- Thank you very much. Don’t m_____ it. –

            93. In the o_____ of most people , the sun is not enough. 94.She has to keep her bicycle in the 通道). _____ (通道 通道 95.He doesn’t live in the city. He is only a p____. 96.The dress is nice but I don’t like its p_____. 97.The singer had never ______ (表 表 演)in New York before. 98.They _____ ( 野 餐 )in the woods yesterday. 99.The p_____ was crowded when the train arrived. 100.The foolish old man soon lost all 财产). his ______ (财产 财产 101.On Children’s Day, he sent me a picture _____ (明信片 明信片). 明信片 102. The beautiful piece of glass is very _____ (宝贵的 宝贵的). 宝贵的 产量)has increased in the 103.______ (产量 产量 last few weeks. 104.He was received with open arms and a place was _____ (提供 提供)for him. 提供 105.They had p_____ the well dry, and could not get any more water. 106. He had not yet r______ from his illness. 107. His way of living is quite ______ (有规律 有规律). 有规律 108. He had no r_______ in Wuchuan, but didn’t feel lonely at all. 109. The sight of the clock r_____me that I was late. 110. It is only a ______ ( 粗 略 ) translation of the poem. 111. When she saw what had happened ,she _____ (尖叫 尖叫). 尖叫 112. She had understood nothing, nor had she _____ (探寻 understand. 探寻)to 探寻 113. In this picture the tree is throwing a s ______ on the ground .

            88. Be patient! It is m_____ a matter of time. 89. The education m_____ of the West were also introduced. 90. Because of the ______ ( 多 山 的)nature of the country, the army couldn’t march quickly. 91. We were both of the same _____ (国籍 国籍). 国籍 92. He told us how the accident had o_____.

            114. Do you s_____ yourself or go to the barber’s? 115. The bad news s_____ everyone at the meeting. 116.______ (相似的 相似的)conditions are to 相似的 be found in all the other Latin American countries. 117. His work this week hasn’t been up to his usual _____ (标准 标准). 标准 118.The most ______ (合适的 合适的)thing 合适的 you could do is to become a doctor. 119. There are more colourful ______ (毛衣 毛衣)for women. 毛衣 120. Yunnan Province is famous for its t_____ industry.

            【答案】 答案】

            1. abroad 2. actress 3. admitted 4. afford 5. argue 6. ashamed 7. approach 8. advantage 9. attack 10. attempt 11. average 12. baggage/ luggage 13. bargain 14. bathed 15. beach 16. biscuit 17. attracts 18. blamed 19. bucket (桶) 20. butcher’s 21. button 22. cabbage(s) 23. blanket 24. central 25. chatting 26. cheque 27. chocolates 28. cigarette 29. clinic 30. companions 31.company/firm 32. compared (adj.) 33. contained 34. contents 35.convenient 36. counter 37. cupboard 38. cure 39. cushions 40. customs 41. customers / consumers 42. destroyed 43. damp 44. delicious 45. delivered 46. description 47. desire 48. decide 49. director

            50. district 51. upset 52. downtown 53. drawer 54. drowning 55. dull 56. employed 57. explanation 58. exploded 59. exploits/ed 60. extremely 61. false 62. familiar 63. fasten 64. fierce 65. folded 66. forgive 67. fortnight(两星期、十四天 两星期、 两星期 十四天) 68. fortune 69. fountain 70. refrigerator 71. fried 72. furniture 73. garage 74. generation 75.glance/glimpse 76. gloves 77. goal 78. greetings 79. guide 80. instructions/ introductions 81. kindergarten 82. kitchen 83. librarian 84. marriage 85. meanwhile 86. mentally 87. mention 88. merely 89. methods 90. mountainous 91. nationality 92. occurred 93. opinion 94. passage 95. passer-by 96. pattern 97. performed 98. picnicked 99. platform 100. possessions 101. postcard 102. precious 103. Production 104. provided 105. pumped 106. recovered 107. regular 108. relative 109. reminded 110. rough 111.screamed 112. sought 113. shade 114. shave 115. surprised 116. Similar 117. standard 118. suitable 119. sweaters 120. tobacco


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