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            Edison was a great s_______ in the world. We are all s_________ at the news that they lost the game unexpectedly. He was t_________ and fell asleep soon. The Young Pioneers got to the top of the mountain s______ and sound. Grandpa often told us some i_________ stories after supper. Please read the i__________ before you operate the machine. Tom has a poor eyesight to see anything c________. Have you any d________ in doing this work Hebei is in the n_________ part of china. I f________ to bring your dictionary. I left it in my drawer. Today more and more Chinese go to study in f_______ countries. I'm sorry to t_________ you, but could you tell me how I can get to the airport My house is about twenty-m_________ walk by bike. I'm free every day e_________ today. He is not in the office. Shall I take a m_________ The doctor insisted that he need an o__________at once. - Could you look after her for me while we're away --With p________. The glass was easy to break so he put it on the table s________. There was no e_________ for being late. The steps are rather n___________. Please take care. You needn't turn left or right. Just come s__________along the way and you'll find it at the end of the road. Everybody can borrow two books at a time from the school l_________. The Huangshan Mountain a_______ large numbers of tourists every year. It is going to rain. You'd better take an u________ with you. Do you know how to r________ the waste paper or bottles The used car is w_____as little as 2,000 yuan. I beg your p_______, I can't quite catch you. Shopping online is c_________ because you needn't go out. Jim made up his m______ to stay with his parents. My parents always e____________ me to try again every time I fail. Hawaii is famous for its beautiful b_____. Li Tao won the first p______in the handwriting competition. It is our duty to keep our e____________clean and tidy. He felt a little n_________ when it was his turn to speak at the meeting. Are you satisfied with the p____________ of Hamlet at the Great Theater

            Have you ever f_______the cow I saw them r_______ the man of his money. I like writing to my friends, but it c_______ a lot of time. In d__________ countries, many families can afford to buy cars. He was still a_________ after he experienced the terrible earthquake. The mountain is so s__________ that few people have climbed to the top of it. The boy likes c________stamps. He has many different kinds of stamps. Working hard will bring you great s_________. My f__________subject is English. I like it very much. The light music helps to r_______ you when you feel nervous. In China, we usually visit our friends and r________ during the Spring Festival. There are clouds of different s________ in the sky. Some look like animals and some are like furniture. Dick r_________ a lot of presents on his birthday, and felt very excited. They c_________ talking for two hours after supper. Can you tell the d__________ between them I don't like coffee. Please give me a cup of tea i_________. December is the t_______ month of the year. L________, he was not badly hurt in the accident. It was because of his bike was s_________ that he had to walk to school. Lucy got up late and hurried to school without b________. Do you think it is n__________ for us to learn to everything taught in class It wasn't very f_________ of you to slam the door in his face. She always drives more c___________ at night. Many people lost their l_______ because of the earthquake. What's the population at the end of the t_______ century The train was quite c_________ because there weren't too many people to the island. Jim p________ to the new book on the desk and said, " Look! It's mine." Books are my best friends. They give me k________ and make me happy. I want to learn how to run quickly and to eat h_________. What he did is a___________ the law. Unemployment is one of the major problems of m_______ times. Christmas is the most important holiday in E_______ countries. The room is twice the l________ of the other, but much narrower. They w __________ him happiness when he left.

            When will all the cities with airports be j_______ by the computer Though you are new in the company, the manager thinks h______ of your work. It's not easy for people to b________ under water for a long time. The sharks have attacked a number of people off the beach of America, some of them are s________ injured. She is really an e_________ student. She always wins the first prize. His students like the teacher because he always has a way of making his class l______ and interesting. She is very p______ of her son because he is very clever. Thomas Edison was an American i_______. His i__________ have greatly changed the world. Is English w________ used in your country As I know, more and more people are learning it at school. There are many people at the e________ of the theatre. WTO was f_________ in 1995. We were shocked at his a__________ at the party since he didn't tell us that he would come. It's getting warmer and many people has had their w_______ sweater taken off. Mr. Smith, the manager of the hotel, told his g_______ to live on the eighth floor. It's i________ to talk with your mouth full. It was getting dark, Jack s_______ down his car. She wrote a lot about her e________ as a country vet in York shier. First I was so busy reading a n________ that I forgot to look at the time. It was so cold that everything f________ I have had my shoes w_______ out .Can you buy me a new pair, Mum John said a lot in e__________ of his being late but none of us believed it. She could find no s_________ to her financial troubles and decided to give up. To my s__________, he finished the work in only one hour. The team is m_________ made up of women doctors. At the 14th Asian Games, Wang Nan was so c_________ that she was sure she would win. You should be careful enough while c__________ the street. 96. The cinema was f________ down the road than I thought. 97.Every year, water sports, e_________ swimming and surfing are most

            popular among people. 98.You must be q________; the baby is asleep. 99.This kind of bird is in d_______, so we should protect them.. 100.A_________ is the season when the leaves fall off the trees. (初中部分答案): 1.scientist 2.surprised\shocked 3.tired 4.safe 5.interesting 6. instructions 7.clearly 8.difficulties 9.northern 10. forgot 11.foreign 12. trouble 13. minutes' 14.except 15.message 16.operation 17. pleasure 18. softly 19. excuse 20. narrow 21. straight 22.library 23. attract 24. umbrella 25. recycle 26. worth 27. pardon 28. convenient 29. mind 30. encourage 31. beach 32. prize 33. environment 34. nervous 35.performance 36. feed 37. rob 38. takes 39. developed 40. alive 41. steep 42. collecting 43. success 44. favorite 45. relax 46. relatives 47.shapes 48.received 49.continued 50. difference 51. instead 52.twelfth 53.Luckily 54.stolen 55. breakfast 56.necessary 57.friendly 58. carefully 59.lives 60.twentith 61.comfortable 62.pointed 63.knowledge 64.healthily 65. against 66.modern 67.European 68.length 69.wished 75.lively 70. joined 71.highly 77.inventor 72.breathe \ 73.seriously 78.widely 74.excellent 85.slowed 86.experience 87.novel 88.froze 89. worn 90.explanation 91.solution 92.surprise 93.mainly 94. confident 95. crossing 96. farther 97.especially 98.quiet 99.danger 100.Autumn 76.proud inventions

            79.entrance 80.founded 81.appearance 82.woolen 83.guests 84.impolite

            Unit 1-3 1. She could read the strange e on her husband's race. 2. The shop e more workers for Christmas season. 3. These are my o about the matter. 4. Mr Grey and his family are away on v now. 5. The c connects the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea. 6. Don't worry too much about the r of the examination.

            7. There are a lot of wild animals in this a . 8. The word"lead"has two p . 9. The c in Chinese writing look like small pictures. 10. A person who wants to become a doctor has to study m . 11. If you are in China, France is a w country. 12. The cinema emptied when the m ended. 13. Will you please e the sentence again 14. He lost his legs in an accident and had to move about in a w chair. 15. At first, the government had great d in carrying out the plan. 16. The teacher asked us to catch the g idea of the text. 17. At the b of this term, we don't know each other very well. 18. When I left, she was busy with her e . 19. E plays an important part in our life. 20. You are sure to succeed if you do it p . 21. You must read and understand the i before you take the medicine. 22. Mix some oil and v as a dressing for salad. 23. German, English, Spanish and French are E languages. 24. He went home d after school. 25. The wind was h outside.

            Unit 4-6 1. Everyone has tow hands. Each hand has five f . 2. The person whom you work together with is called your p . 3. The farmers had the pump pumping water from d until dark in the dry season.

            4. M is something that is mixed together. 5. In China, rice is grown in the south while w is grown in the north. 6. We usually put our cups and glasses in a c . 7. They usually do their e in the chemistry lab or in the physics lab. 8. Smoking is not a here. 9. Yesterday Mr. John s at the gathering and the students enjoyed his speech very much. 10. Christmas is a h for everybody in the western countries. 11. Please turn on the e lights, the classroom is too dark. 12. Karl Marx Was born in G and his native language was German. 13. The e "right away" means "at once". 14. Today it's my t to be on duty. 15. We should not only practise written English, but also practise o English. 16. Please give my best w to your parents. 17.The climate in the east of China is different from that in the w of China. 18. Did his mother die in the summer or in the f of 1990 19. It doesn't make any d to me whether you go or stay. 20. If someone says that Tom and Bill are classmates, it means they are in the s____ class. 21. A is the hottest month of the year in Hangzhou. 22. It takes years of p to become an expert. 23. Everyone thinks he is r a good student. 24.What did Zhou Lan say when she wanted to i Tang Lin to Jane 25. The sentence "We had a good time last night" has the same meaning as the sentence "We e ourselves".

            Unit 7-9 1. A h is a place where people can stay and have meals when they are traveling. 2.American country song singers usually liked to carry a g with them because it was easy. 3. It's said that the p of the computer will go down soon. It's the time to buy one. 4. It's good news that a new a is being built in Hangzhou. 5 Bob and Marx will go to Xi'an s , but they will meet each other there . 6. Mother often advises(劝告)me to save some money for f .She says it's very useful. 7. This summer, it rained heavily along the Changjiang River and the water destroyed bridges, houses, crops, s and so on . 8. With the help of some v , we got through the forest near the village. 9. The travelers lost their way . They needed a g . 10. We went to the hospital by t . 11. In the p people used to cut down trees and never took care of them. 12. Nearly all the children in China are n dressed during the Spring Festival. 13. The car that my uncle had just bought was d in a big accident. 14. On Sundays the young students like to go to the b to buy some useful books. 15. A k is a room where meals are cooked or prepared. 16. The story is well written and s beautiful. 17. What about t some photos in front of the factory gate.

            18. It looks as if it will rain .You'd better take a r with you . 19. As u , she arrived earlier than I had expected . 20. D comes after November. 21. Does the 21st c begin with the year 2000 or 2001 22. Helen made many mistakes because of her c . 23. Mick is watching his mother s cabbage seed now. 24. We'll get much s when the trees grow up . 25. You can grow tomatoes well following the i .

            Unit 10-14 1. I don't like maths but I am i in English. 2. When it is dry, farmers often pump water from the w and water the plants . 3. The teacher asked his students to read the d in Lesson 1 again and answer the questions. 4. The cook t everything to see if it is right. 5. Mother d both her hands into a basin to wash something. 6. If Tom feels well e to watch TV by then , he Will be fine after the football game. 7. When the cup was at last r to the teacher, he said nothing but smiled. 8. Visitors are r not to touch the paintings. 9. Please give my r to your parents. 10. We have a lot of m on the farm. 11. Watch me c when I do this. 12. Don't m a face when you don't understand others. 13. I'm sorry I don't quite f you

            14. For e , the words "colour" and "center" are spelt color, center in American English. 15. Railroads and banks in China belong to the s . 16. In our school, there are four p labs. 17.Tom didn't join us because he would take an exam in c the next day. 18. O he arrives, we'll start. 19. U forced to stay in by bad weather, I do climbing every morning.. 20. S the door after you, please. 21. After a lot of talk he f agreed to pay the damage. 22. I'm afraid the p in the car is running out . 23. The boy had a sweet in his mouth and was s it hard. 24. The girl cried s when she learned her close friend had died in a traffic accident. 25. He had a strange way of making his classes l and interesting.

            Unit (15-17) 1. To h the Olympic Games is a rich prize for a country. 2. Columbus liked s . As a result, he discovered America. 3. W is a sport in which you try to get the other person down on the floor . 4. In the 1988 games Karl Lewis won four gold m . 5. An a is a person who is very good at sports and who competes. 6. One of the great c is not to get a medal but to hold the Olympics. 7. The opposite of usual is u . 8. Once the Olympic Games stopped, for c there were no Olympic Games. 9. The word "s_______" has the same meaning as "quick" or "fast".

            10. The e news made everyone in our class excited. 11. A c is a person who competes in a game. 12. The m of newspaper is exact, fast and latest. 13. Now he need money as much as p . 14. Do you still remember the year when the first Olympic Games h . 15. You won't fail this time. S goes with you. 16. The mews is b at seven every evening. 17. Walking in the b of the country is one of the best things in my life. 18. When I got to the cinema, I found all the t had been sold out. 19. Today many famous singers from all over the world will a on television. 20. The e of the chemistry lab is the latest. 21. We must get along well with our n . 22. More and more people get to know the v of stamp-collecting. 23. The working people lived a hard life in old s . 24. During the 1990s American song writers are writing about c things instead of money, expensive things and so on. 25. To learn English well, we need more p .

            Unit (18-20) 26.I did not r the programme, because there was no electricity last might. 27. It is not good manner to made f of your classmates. 28. Let's ask for his a on how to learn English well. 29. It is the third time you've been late. I don't want to listen to your e . 30. Is there anything s in yesterday's newspaper 31. I find it hardest to study English g .

            32. One is never too old to s the people. 33. Would you please give us an e in Chinese 34. Are there any d between American English and British English 35. He had some d in working out the problem. 36. It is i to pick up BBC English programmes in the small mountain village. 37. It is n for a college student to study a second foreign language. 38. Every four years, a from all over the world take part in the Olympic Games. 39. He is very s , He's made lots of records. 40. You'd better hurry and buy a ticket then. It'll be very p . 41. Is Russia a E country or an Asian one 42. John won the first p for his singing. 43. In Sydney, the Chinese team won 28 gold m . 44.The first m Olympic Games happened in 1896. 45. She said she p swimming to skating when she was a child. 46. What play will be put in the t 47. If you take 3 from 8, 5 r . 48. I'm hungry. Let's go to the r to have lunch. 49. In 1949, New China, like a sun rising in the east, a in the world. 50. She wanted to find out which shop offered good s .

            Unit (21-23) 1. Sometimes we go on working after dark by the lights of our t . 2. My Dad e more men for the harvest. 3. We pump water from a well and then it runs along c to different parts of

            the garden. 4. Don't touch anything u your teacher tells you to do. 5. And his lessons were not easily f . 6. He put a finger in his mouth, tasted it and smiled, looking rather p . 7. There are some s differences in written English in both Britain and America. 8. A great many words and e have come into the language from American English. 9. We can't travel t the forest by road, because there aren't any roads. 10. After s the weekend in the capital, we took a taxi to the airport. 11. For miles and miles I could see nothing e a great fire and lots of smoke . 12. As a result, they saved 90 p of the trees in the forest. 13. Today there is a forest p in the 70 villages in the area. 14. Anybody who breaks the rules is p . 15. As a result, there will be a great many new j for workers. 16. Our city is at the c of some important railways. 17. This will mean a great many jobs for s in the province. 18. C parts of the car will be made in the factory. 19. A wide and busy road which was built like a bridge over another road fell onto the one b . 20. The Pacific plate which is moving t the northwest meets the North American plate. 21. Would you like another p of beancurd 22. What a d supper, next time you must come to us. 23. At that time the land along the Changjiang River was becoming very c . 24. Today, corn is f all over the world.

            25. It is a very useful plant that can be p in many different ways.

            Unit (24-26) 26. In the b , people who bought them often got angry. 27. Early European travelers to China t back to their own countries the seeds. 28. I hope we can make a d today. 29. This factory needs a computer as soon as p . 30. At one time, there were long q of people waiting outside the CAAC office. 31. T and business people both at home and aboard have been greatly helped by this new computer. 32. You'd better save your s money. 33. He not only studies all the subjects well but also is active in p . 34. The policemen are trying to find the o of the lost bikes. 35. Our school has found the Students' U . 36. Let us be h with each other. 37. You may have complete f to express yourself. 38. It is the duty of everybody to obey the l of the country. 39. In those countries s were bought and sold like horses. 40. It was w of Abraham Lincoln to break away with slavery. 41. We have made a d to build a library. 42. Who d the plant "corn" in American in 1492. 43. He often o me a lot of help. 44. Please go to my office to f some pieces of chalk for me. 45. Very soon she will go a to study. 46. Without trees the soil on the hills will be c away by the rain.

            47. A great many new cars will be s to people soon. 48. Mother is busy in the k cooking something. 49. He worked hard and his English i quickly. 50. There will be a football c between Class 1 and Class 4.

            高一部分答案: Unit 1-3 1.exprssion 2.employs 3.opinions 4.vacation 5.channel 6.result 7.area 8.pronunciation 9.characters 10.medicine 11.western 12.movie 13.explain 14.wheel 15.difficulty 16.general 17.beginning 18.experiment 19.electricity 20.properly 21.instructions 22.vinegar 23.European 24.directly 25.howling Unit 4-6 1.fingers 2.partner 3.dawn 4.Mixture 5.wheat 6.cupboard 7.experiment 8.allowed 9.spoke 10.holiday 11.eletric 12.Germany 13.expression 14.turn 15.oral 16.wishes 17.west 18.fall 19.differences 20.same 21.August 22.practice 23.really 24.introduce 25.enjoyed Unit 7-9 1.hotel 2.guitar 3.price 4.airport 5.separately 6.future 7.soil 8.villagers 9.guide 10.taxi 11.past 12.nicely 13.destroyed 14.bookshop 15.kitchen 16.sounds 17.taking 18.raincoat 19.usual 20.December 21.century

            22.carelessness 23.sowing 24.shade 25.instructions Unit 10-14 1.interested 2.wells 3.dialogue 4.tastes5.dipped 6.enough 7.returned 8.requested 9.regards 10.machines 11.carefully 12.make 13.follow

            14.example 15.state 16.physics 17.chemistry 18.Once 19.Unless 20.Shut 21.finally 22.petrol 23.sucking 24.sadly 25.lively

            Unit 15-17 1.hotel 2.sailing 3.wrestling 4.medals 5.athlete 6.copetitions 7.unusual 8.centuries 9.swift 10.exciting 11.competitor 12.motto 13.possible

            14.happened 15.Success 16.broadcast(ed)17.beauty 18.tickets 19.appear 20.equipment 21.neighbours 22.value 23.society 24.Common 25.practice Unit 18-20 26.record 27.fun 28.advice 29.excuse 30.special 31.grammar 32.serve 33.explanation 34.differences 35.difficulty 36.impossible 37.necessary 38.athletes 39.successful 40.popular 41.European 42.prize 43.medals 44.modern 45.preferred 46.theatre 47.remains 48.restaurant 49.appeared 50.service Unit 21-23 1.tractors 2.employs 3.channels 4.unless 5.forgotten 6.pleased 7.spelling 8.expressions 9.through 10.spending 11.except 12.percent 13.programme 14.punished 15.jobs 16.crossing 17.school-leavers 18.Certain 19.below 20.toward 21.piece 22.delicious 23.crowded 24.found 25.prepared Unit 24-26 26.beginning 27.took 28.decision 29.possible 30.queues 31.Travellers 32.spare 33.politics 34.owner 35.Union 36.honest 37.freedom 38.law 39.slaves 40.wise 41.decision 42.discovered 43.offers 44.fetch 45.abroad 46.carried 47.supplied 48.kitchen 49.improved 50.competition

            Our teacher is not only s_________ with us but also kind to us. There are three c_________ in the play, Father, Mother and son.

            The machine is o_________ by electricity. I consider the park was good v________ for the money. Press the b_________ and the record will work.. After several times, he was s_______ in doing the experiment. Go s________ ahead till you see the tower. The Great Wall is a f_________ place for visitors to China. Can you i________ life without electricity. In Briton, sales of c __________have fallen by 30% in the last ten years. It's a non-smoking room. Nobody is a________ to smoke here. It's a good c________ for you. Don't miss it. Without your parents' p_________ you can't go out at night. I often p_______ my father to give up smoking, but he continues. Parents should help their children to form good h________. She r__________ her weight by 5 kilograms after a month's exercise. C____________ with Kate, Jane is lucky enough to escape. We are good friends. Therefore we must s_______ in happiness and trouble. Rice is grow in China, Japan and other A ____________ countries. I changed into my sports shoes so that I could walk more c______________. C__________ are different from country to country. What's the d_____________ between London and Paris. The teacher asks the students to write a c___________ once every two weeks. It's good m___________ to stand when you accept something from others. -Would you like me to carry it for you -No, thanks. I can m_____________ it myself.

            We feel p__________ that we're Chinese. He n___________ his head when he agreed. He d___________ the photos which had been taken the day before. The postman d____________ letters and newspapers from door to door every day. When I c________ my shopping list I found I had forgotten to buy eggs. If you want to meet him, I can f________ it. I came i________________ after I had eaten. Have you heard the l____________ news about the war This song is very p____________ with the young people. He will have his new book p_____________ next spring. Don't judge a man only by his a_______________ . He has made a great c_________________ to a space development program. Charlie Chaplin first appeared on the s________ when he was 5 years old. They were caught in a snow s___________ on their way home. I didn't feel well on that p__________ evening. Chaplin's first films were s_____________. He died in 1999 and was b_____________ in Switzerland. The children were e_____________ at the every thought of the journey. It's a great h_____________ receive that prize. The little girl wants to have a piano. But her parents can't a___________ it. What a s__________ that it rained on the day of your garden party. When building m___________ cost more, the price of houses increases. I n___________ her go out of the room just now.

            English is the o_____________ language in India. It's f____________ cold outside. You'd better put on you coat. 51. G__________ speaking, American English and British English are almost the same. 52. I _________ (注意到) her go out of the room just now. "Word" and "world" are pronounced d__________ G__________ is the study of the earth's surface, climate, products, population and so on. It's f_________ cold outside. You'd better put on your coat. They use n________ gas for cooking. The a________ of 3, 8, and 10 is 7. Eskimos came from Asia and s__________ in Canada about 4000 years ago. When he found a boy s___________ in the river, he jumped into the river and managed to carry the boy to the safety. Your h________ should often be washed. First aid is the science of giving m________ care before a doctor can be found. She is always worried about his s_________. The little boy held his mother's hand t_________ when crossing the street. " B_________deeply," the doctor told him. She fell off the bicycle. She must be i__________. If you are b___________ by an animal, see a doctor as soon as possible. I think this problem should be d__________ with quickly. Sorry, I took your umbrella by m__________. Many people died of illnesses c__________ by smoking every day.

            All the people p_________ at the conference agreed to the suggestion. P__________ to the young plant, he told us what type of plant it was. His English was so l__________ that he couldn't make himself understood. Something must be done with the p___________ water. We all went out s__________ to look for new plants. We chose him our m___________ because of his fine character. Soil on the hillside is g ___________ lost. Men and women should be e___________ treated. In the shop, the assistants serve c____________ warmly. J___________ from his accent, he comes from Australia. The dress made to her own m___________ fits her very well. You should a___________ to your teacher when you are late. On New Year's Day, we all had a very p___________ time. Come on. Your mother is e__________ you home. I found him a_________ all night. That's 150 dollars t_____________. A large number of b___________ and clothes were sent to the flooded area. The b___________ of the trees were cut off for firewood. F____________, he escaped from the falling house. She gave her child a w___________ not to play near the railway line. People's n___________ body temperature centigrade. A hurricane s__________ the southeast of England last week. Blood was f___________ from his wound. Put it in a p__________ bag and throw it away. is around 36.5 degrees

            The BBC will b___________ the news at 10 o'clock. His performance was p__________ in every way. He was f___________ at the sight of the snake. He sat there quietly, s___________ at the picture of his wife on the wall. I tried to a___________ his attention, but failed. Don't stand too close to the animal, it might a_________ you. Her face looked p_________ as the result of the illness. 101. His whole school e___________ added up to no more than two years. 102. The doctor had done some s__________ research on diseases of the blood. 103. The d__________ of oil on their land made the family rich. 104. He e___________ $3000 a year by trading with that company. 105. There are more than 60 p__________ working in this college. 106. P________ and development are two main topics of the current world. 107. We could see nothing in the d_________. We had to feel our way forward. 108. The teacher has a way of making in his classes lively and interesting. He is r_________ by all of his students. 109. He has gone to America for f__________ study after graduation from our college. 110. Most people find his a________ ideas difficult to understand. 111. He is a man with b__________ shoulders. 112. Most people said they didn't like it, but p__________ I thought it was very good. 113. The plan should be c__________ out immediately.

            114. The little boy has a large collection of ____________ cars. 115. There will be an international trade e__________ next spring in our city. 116. Have you ever heard of the unidentified flying o__________ in the sky. 117. The Red Cross is an international o____________ which cares for people who are in need o help. 118. He f___________ the letter and put it in an envelope. 119. His h___________ makes him stand out in the crowd. 120. I'll get him carry the r_________ to my damaged car. 121. The minister deals with important a_____________ of the state. 122. Make sure the door is f________ before you go out. 123. The old French table is a very valuable piece of f___________. 124. My uncle is my nearest r___________. I often go to see him. 125. We decided to d________ going on holiday until next month. 126. I don't want to be a sailor. I want to be a c____________. 127. He has formed the habit of taking a cold b___________ every morning. 128. The railway is still under c____________. It's expected to be completed next year. 129. What's the d_________ of the lake. 130. When I gave up work, I shall take a long sea v__________. 131. Of all the v_____________ ways of cooking an egg, I like boiling best. 132. Do you know what's in the bottle f__________ on water 133. He m________ wants to know the truth, nothing else. 134. The m__________ of people at the meeting were for the plan. 135. The p__________ of man's traveling to the moon has now been proved. 136. He is a teacher with rich p___________ experience.

            137. I've had p___________ of this house for 7 years. 138. Goods are t__________ from one country to another by ship, plane and so on. 139. I didn't like the story. It didn't s__________ me. 140. These shops are c_____________ reached from all parts of the city. 141. He met his friend at the airport by a___________. 142. You have nothing in c___________ with others. 143. The dog followed the fox's t__________. 144. It was s__________ of you to believe such a person. 145. How much do you c___________ for a room for the night 146. We've not d___________ the date for the meeting. 147. The t____________ will come out in the end. 148. It was an e____________ difficult and dangerous task. 149. You should tell your story h_________. 150. This is the c__________ city of the whole area. 151.All the workers in London went on strike because their d for better working condition was refused. 152.The news has been b 3 times since this morning. 153.Smith is connected with the Greens by m . 154.It is u for you to scold little Tom. He has done nothing wrong. 155.The plane fell to the ground and e . 156.No one should enter the lab without p . 157.The l of the blacks in the U S A set a good example to the black people in the world. 158.There have been ten m in the past two months in this city.

            159.Finally he a his mistake. 160.Our city has become a place of interest. There are a lot of t every year. 161.All the visitors are struck by the palaces in the "Forbidden City". 162.Alice soon recovered under the doctor's t . 163.---How is your father today ---- He is s better, and the doctor say he deeds to stay in hospital for another two weeks. 164. H____________, we'll have a good harvest this year. 165.What's his a to this matter 166."What mark did I get in this exam " the student asked the teacher n . 167.He wrote a poem in p of the little hero. 168.Some of us wanted to report the matter to our headmaster, but others thought o . 169.My memory doesn't serve me now. I can't remember anything about the m you spoke of just now. 170.The famous singer refused to p unless given a proper reward. 171.It is impossible for him to be a singer, for he is not m at all. 172.How and why he moved to America was a story of s and success. 173.I think I have met that man somewhere. His name sound f . 174.All her fellow workers have got married but she remains s . 175.From the young g we have seen the hope of our country. 176.He sat there with his head in his hands, deep in t . 177.He was praised for his b in the battle. 178.He went to the west to try his f after he was set free from prison. 179.They became very poor because of being heavily t .

            180.Marx once made London the base for his r work. 181.I feel d about the truth of his report. 182.The train whistled announcing it's a when it was near the station. 183.He cried and laughed by turns. Obviously he got some m trouble. 184.They were all e to know the results of the entrance examination. 185.He often told us about his s during the war, in which he lost his family. 186.It is said that he will be s to ten years' imprisonment. 187.He got a raise because he always did his work e . 188.Our national defense must be s . 189.No one enjoys being i . 190.They understood each other very well because of f exchange of thoughts. 191.The bell rang a the end of the class. 192. The song r me of the days when I lived in the country. 193.He bought the second-hand car at a low price after some b with the seller. 194.The chief farm p are wheat and maize. 195.----I have passed the entrance examination. ---C . 196. The politician has few s . He will be defeated in the coming election. 197.Thank you for the e you have made to help us out of the trouble. 198.What t weather !We all feel tired. 199.U ,he fell ill the day before the entrance examination. 200.We are d to spend our summer holidays in America.

            高二部分答案: 1.strict 2.characters 3.operated 4.value 5.button

            6.successful 7.straight 8.favourite 9.imagine 10.cigarettes 11.allowed 12.chance 13.permission 14.advice 15.habits 16.reduced 17.compared 18.share 19.Asian 20.comfortably 21. customs 22.distance 23.composition 24.manners 25.manage 26.proud 27.nodded 28. developed 29.delivers 30.checked 31.fix 32.immediately 33.latest 34.popular 35.published 36.appearances 37. contributions 38.stage 39. storm 40.particular 41.silent 42.buried 43. excited 44.honour 45.afford 46. shame 47.materials 48.noticed 49.official 50.freezing 51. Generally 52.noticed 53. differently 54. Geography 55. freezing 56. natural 57. average 58.settled 59.struggling 60.handkerchief 61. medical 62. safety 63. tightly 64. Breathe 65. injured 66. bitten 67.dealt 68.mistake 69.caused 70.present 71. Pointing 72. limited 73. polluted 74. separately 75.monitor 76. gradually 77. equally 78. customers 79. Judging 80. measure 81. apologize 82. pleasant 83. expecting 84. awake 85. altogether 86. blankets 87. branches 88. Fortunately 89.warning 90. normal 91. struck 92. flowing 93. plastic 94.broadcast 95. perfect 96. frightened 97. staring 98. attract 99. attack 100. pale 101.education 102 scientific 103. discovery 104. earned 105. professors 106. peace 107. darkness 108. respected 109. further 110. advanced 111.broad 112. personally 113. carried 114. model 115. exhibition 116.object 117.organization 118. folded 119. height 120. repairs 121.affairs 122.fastened 123.furniture 124.relative 125. delay 126. captain 127. bath 128.construction 129.depth 130. voyage

            131.various 132. floating 133.merely 134. majority 135. possibility 136.practical 137. possession 138. transported 139. satisfy

            140.conveniently 141.accident 142. common 143.tracks 144.stupid 145. charge 146.determined 147.truth 148.extremely 149.honestly 150. central 151.demand 152.marriage 153.broadcast 154.unfair 155.exploded 156.permission 157.liberation 158.muuders 159.admitted 160.tourists 161.splendid 162.treatment 163.slightly 164.Hopefully 165.attitude 166.nervously 167.praise 168.otherwise 169.musican 170.perform 171.musical 172.sadness 173.familiar 174.single 175.generation 176.thought 177.bravery 178.fortune 179.taxed 180.revolutionary 181.doubtful 182.arrival 183.mental 184.eager 185.suffering 186.sentenced 190.frequent 191.announcing 195.Congratulations 196.supporters 197.effort 198.tiring 199. Unfortunately 200.determined 192.reminded 193.bargains 194.products 187.excellently 188.strengtherned 189.interrupted

            1.Tom was w_______ to learn from her, for she set an good example to everyone here. 2.All this increased my d_________ to try in every way to fight against that war. 3.Don't walk around on the beach without a sunhat. Otherwise you'll get s_______

            4.After I had graduated from college, I continued to d______ myself to research. 5.We found the students very d____________ at losing the race. 6.How many new students have been a_________ to our school this year 7.It is said that at that time people living in mountainous areas didn't have enough light i________ products. 8.We all a ________ him for his bravery in that battle. 9.They found it to be an a____________ land where the soil was red, bears climbed trees, birds ran but did not fly. 10.The scientists are on an e___________ to the South Pole for the purpose of watching the great event. 11.We had a party to c_________ mother's silver wedding. 12.It's our duty to d_______ our country when danger is approaching. 13.An i__________ refers to an organization set up to do a particular type of work, especially research on teaching. 14.If something is e_________, it seems as if you will never reach the end of it. 15.A d_________ is a terrible accident such as an earthquake or an air crash. 16.It was not a surprise that our football team d_________ some major teams in Asia. 17.We young students have a great t_______ for knowledge. 18.The question is b_______ my power. Would you please help me 19.Your friendship is most p__________ to me. I'll treasure it forever. 20.The UN should pay special attention to the fact that many Africans are s_________ day after day.

            21.The soldiers b________ their enemies when they took the small town by surprise last night. 22.Food is easily lost in s_______; For instance, food stores are frequently eaten by mice. 23.She poured water all over my painting and r_______ it. 24.Thanks to a___________ development, farmers in China become richer. 25.After liberation , what is needed most in china is a change in land o__________. 26.Last Saturday we took a________ of the fine weather to go on a hike. 27.Our physics teacher is a h_______ _man who always makes us laugh happily. 28.He didn't make any c________ on the affair. 29.The scenery was beautiful beyond d_________ 30.The result of the experiment was s__________. 31.Please take an _u__________ with you in case it rains. 32.No journey life is s_______, so you have to prepare for any difficulty. 33.Governments of different countries are working together to improve the e____ ______in the world. 34.He was d________ to hear they were not coming. 35.To our great d___ ___the day turned out fine. 36.They got into a heated a_____ _____about whether to go by sea or by air. 37.His only dream is to acquire great w_________ 38.The world leaders are meeting next week, trying to s_________a solution to the problem. 39.After his cancer was found, he took a______ attitudes towards it.

            40.He answered the a____ ______in the paper and got the job. 41.The disease s_______ quickly across the country and thousands of people died. 42.After an earthquake the buildings fell to p________. 43.He felt a_______ that he had lied. 44.His visit to England promoted the u________ between the people of the two countries. 45Their job is to c______ ____all kinds of information and send it to people who need it. 46.His funny expression made us b_______ into laughter. 47.Can you take c_______ of the class when the teacher is out 48.F___________is the mother of success.. 49.I've got m____ of things to see to this morning. 50.After the students put up a Christmas tree in the center, the classroom t_______ on a holiday appearance. 51F________, people are beginning to realize how serious the whole situation is. 52.He just g_____ at those cheap goods in the shop and did not show much interest in them. 53.He was not prepared for this kind of situation, but he soon c_______ himself down. 54.Tom p________ to be sleeping when Jenny came in. 55.The child was lost in the forest, where he was at the m______ of wild beasts. 56.They had enough money to live in c________ in their old age.

            57.A person with a spirit of a_________ and creation is more likely to succeed. 58.At present r________ between countries are so strained that a war may break out.. 59.The old woman r_______ looking after because she was ill bed. 60.Last year his daughter was admitted to the English D__________ of ZhejiangUniversity. 61.In the past many young Americans drove d_________ to show off their new cars. 62.He was walking along the road when s__________ there was a cry for help. 63.As a matter of fact, it's really a t__________ case, which is difficult to be dealt with. 64.This change of state is a p________ change and not a chemical one. 65.Guan Yu and his army won one v_________ after another in battle until finally he became too proud. 66.In competitions, which do you think is more important, medals or f___________ 67.In a_______ fact, we have never heard from him since he left. 68.There was a new clerk standing behind the r_________ desk. 69.Severe p__________ will be given to whoever cheated on the exam. 70.Hearing the news that they arrived safely, father s________ with relief. 71. One's n________ body temperature is 37 c. 72. She must return the money with 10% interest within a year a_________ to the agreement.

            73. You can have my mobile phone for a few days on c__________ that you will return it by Saturday. 74. He is a l________ man. That is to say, he is knowledgeable. 75. We all d________ happiness and health. 76.The final exam is coming. Please make full _p_______ for it . 77.Thank you for o________ to help, but I can manage it myself. 78.Some people cried when they were refused e____________ into the USA. 79.When they o______,they were killed. 80.He tried to r__________with his students . 81.Cheese doesn't d_________ easily. so don't eat too much. 82.I'd like to have the photo e_________,please. 83.Has the amount of rain_a__________ the growth of crops 84.The child is e________ .He keeps on jumping and running all the time. 85.It is _w__________ to visit the place. 86.He lives alone because he wants to be i__________ from his parents. 87.He s_________ a mouthful of bread. 88.I have lots of h________ ,such as reading ,singing and painting. 89.Butterflies,bees,flies,and ants are i__________. 90.His a________ came from France centuries ago.. 91.Do you believe in the _e____________ of God 92.He received a lot of _e__________ from his teacher and worked hard.. 93.Shakespear _c_______ many famous characters. 94.The country's economy is dependent on _t__________. 95.Christopher Columbus was one of the great e________ 96.I'll look into the matter as soon as possible. Just have a little p_____.

            97.What he has in mind is beyond i___________. 98.On hearing the funny story, we burst into l________. 99.It was said that last night a p___________ painting in the palace was stolen. 100.Annie grew up in a children's home and an i_______ for the blind. 101. I'm sorry I have no g_____ for music. 102.I wonder if I could use your tape r________ for a while. 103.Immediate a_____ must be taken to stop the fire spreading. 104.If necessary, please send me an e________. 105.Mary is p______ in art of cooking; her meals are beginning quite good. 106.The penguin(企鹅) is a f______ bird 107..I can't r_______ what he does to what he says. 108.A_______ from the price, the hat doesn't suit me. 109.This company is more concerned with q_________ than with quantity. 110..She jogs every day to improve her f___________. 111.Gandhi was a d___________ fighter for human rights. 112.Women want to be treated fairly. They are still struggling for true e_____ with men. 113.Gandi returned to India in 1915 and was h________ as a hero. 114..It is the duty of everyone to d_________ an unfair law. 115.He decided to give away everything he p_____ and become a monk(僧 侣. 116.He forgot to leave the a________ machine on yesterday, so he didn't know who had called him. 117.The campers s______ for a good place to set up the tent.

            118.It makes very good sense to keep sheep or goats in h______ areas. 119.The local g________ has been considering further tax cuts. 120.She is so clever a woman. As I look back upon those years, I am struck by her 子 w___. 121.He is familiar with oxford and the s_______ area. 122.Honeybees tell how far away the feeding place is through w________ dances. 123.We sat in a s_________ round the fire. 124.No one could have f_____________ that things would turn out this way. 125.Right now they had a h_________ debate. 126.Dolphins use sound to c_________ with each other. 127.The path grew s_________ as we climbed higher. 128.The soldiers at the front were greatly i____________ .by Chairman Mao who came to see them. 129.After graduation, he handed an a________ letter to a big company.. 130.He is a very c_________ person and thinks highly of himself. 131.Her mother lived in a n__________ town. So it was convenient for she to see her. 132.The two events are c_________ connected. 133.Seeing her mother, Mary made a b__________ for her. 134.They succeeded escaping from the b____________ house. 135.He was the sort of person you could d_________ on. 136.Fines are m_______ to a huge company like that. 137.Children are c_________ about everything round them. 138.The key p__________ is that you shouldn't have to wait so long to see

            a doctor. 139.I hate m_________ exam papers. Because it takes me a lot of time. 140.A f________ rain began to fall on our heads before it poured down. 141.Bees fly a m___________ distance of 3.2 km between their hive and a feeding place. 142.Keep me i_________ of what happens. 143.It was she who won a s_________ to the university. 144.I went further back into the cave and stopped s________. 145.They trooped behind the first dancer, c____________ its movements.

            高三部分答案: 1willing 2. determination 3. sunburnt 4. devote 5. disappointed 6. admitted 7. industrial 8. admired 9. astonishing 10. expedition 11. celebrate 12. defend 13. institute 14. endless 16. defeated 17. thirst 18. beyond 19. precious 20. starving 21. butchered 22. storage 23.ruined 24. agricultural 25.disadvantage 26.advantage 27.humorous 28.comments 29.description 30.satisfactory 31.umbrella 32.smooth 33.environment 34.disappointed 35.delight 36.arguments 37.wealth 38.seek 39.active 40.advertisement 41.spread 42.pieces 43.ashamed 44.understanding 45.collect 46.burst 47.charge 48.Failure 49.massed 50.took 51.Fortunately 52. glanced 53. calmed 54. pretended 55.mercy 56.comfort 57.adventure 58.relations 59.required 60.Department 61.downtown 62.suddenly 63.troublesome 64.physical 65.victory 66.friendship 67.actual 68.reception 69.punishment 70.sighed 71.normal 72.according 73.condition 74.learned 75.desire 76.preparation

            77.offering 78.entry 79.objected 80.reason 81.digest 82.enlarged 83.affected 84.energetic 85.worthwhile 86.independent 87.swallowed 88.hobbies 89.insects 90 .ancestor 91..exitence 92.encourgement 93.created 94.tourism 95.explorers 96.patience 97.imagination 98.laughter 99.priceless 100.institution 101.gift 102.recorder 103.action 104.email 105.progressing 106.flightless 107.relate 108.Apart 109...quality 110.figure 111.determined 112.equality 113...honored 114.disobey 115.possessed 116.answering 117.searched 118.hilly 119.government 120.wisdom 121.surrounding 122.wagging 123.semicircle 124.foreseen 125.heated 126.communicate 127.steeper 128.inspired 129.application 130.conceited 131.nearby 132.closely 133.beeline 134.burning 135.depend 136.meaningless 137.curious 138.point 139.marking 140.fine 141.maximum 142.informed 143.scholarship 144.still 145.copying

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