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            Friends For Life!

            Friends For Life!

            Which words can you think of when describing your friends?
            Trustworthy, dependable Reliable Fun to be with Know a lot about us Care very much for us

            How to choose friends?

            “A friend is a gift you give yourself!” - Robert Louis Stevenson Scottish poet

            Each letter in the word “Friend” stands for a word, and will show you how to choose your friends! Do you know what are these?

            F – fun(有趣的)
            Choose friends you can have fun with and with whom you can be yourself. 选择你觉得有趣的朋友,并且和他/她呆在 一起你不觉得拘束。

            R – righteous(正直的)
            Choose friends who will help you make good decision. 选择可以帮助你做出正确决定的朋友。 Genuine(真诚的) friends want you to become the very best you can be. 真正的朋友总是希望你做到最好。

            I – intimate(亲密的)
            Close, personal friends kwon your faults and flaws and like you anyway. 亲密的朋友了解你所有的缺点和不足,但 仍然一如既往的喜欢你。 You should be able to share your hopes, dreams and fears with them. 真正的朋友是你可以随时与他/她分享你的 希望,梦想和恐惧的人。

            E – encouraging(令人鼓舞的)
            When you face challenges, friends encourage you to not give up but to do your best. 真正的朋友在你面临挑战的时候,会鼓励 你不要放弃,努力做到最好。 They give you hope and help you look forward to the future. 他们给你希望,帮助你走向未来。

            N – near(不离不弃的)
            Good friends won’t abandon you during bad times. 好朋友一定不会在你最困难的时候离你而 去。

            D – direct(直接的)
            Real friend care enough to tell you what you need to hear. 真正的朋友会勇于对你直言不讳。 They won’t just say what you want to hear. 他们不会只说你想听到的话。

            Since friends can be for life, it’s important to choose the best ones!

            So, when choosing friends, be careful to give yourself good “


            Have you chose the right friends?

            F R I E N

            faithful / friendly/ fair … reliable / respectful / responsible interesting… everlasting / eternal /equal / encouraging… nice…

            D S H I P

            different / devoted… sharing / sincere… helpful / honest… incredible / independent… polite / patient / punctual…

            Thank you!

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