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            教老外汉语 Chinese 1- Pinying

            The consists of Chinese Language
            It includes pinying and Chinese character. Pinying guides us how to pronounce Chinese. Chinese character is totally a different way to show you the real Chinese language what display on the adv board of streat. I hope you can write and recognize Chinese character after finishing my class.I will teach them from basic to advance.first I need to start it from Pinying.

            ? Nihao Nowadays,pinying nearly become a simple way to communicate with Chinese ppl. This class I will teach you all of Pinying letters. After this lesson,you could pronounce all of Pinying. Pinying consists with Shenmu and Yunmu,they just like frndamental letter and consonantal letter in english, Shenmu always is in front of Yunmu. There are 21 Shenmu and 24 Yunmu Yunmu are: a o e,i u u,ai ei ui,ao ou iu,ie ue er,an en in un un,ang eng ing ong. Shenmu are:b p m f,d t n l,g k h,j q x,z c s,zh ch sh r There are four tunes in Pinying.they are up of each words.it makes each words fulled with different sounds.

            ? ai pro

            ? ? ?

            ao pronounce as hour ou pronounce as oh iu pronounce as you

            How to write Chinese character
            ? We look up Chinese dictionary by counting strokes of word. ? Simple word maybe has one or two Strokes,and the diffucult word has over 10 strokes.anyway,they are consisted with strokes.so,before we write them,we need to know how to write every single stroke of it.

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